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READ-ONLY: This project has been archived. For more information see this post.
Project Information
JUnitExt is an extension of JUnit 4, which adds additional annotations and runners for @Prerequisites, @Categories and many other things.

JUnitExt provides these features:
    * @Prerequisite annotation: Ignore tests based on conditions evaluated at runtime.
    * @Category annotation: Filter and Sort tests based on a Category.
    * Runner, to be used for @RunWith(AnnotationRunner.class).
    * Provide the old UI based runners from JUnit 3.8.2 as prebuilt jar file.

    * Experimental work for JDK 1.4 backward compatibility.

JUnitExt is implemented in Java, based on JDK 5, annotations etc. The implementation has been done as part of an article about JUnit 4, and has been be made public to OpenSource community.

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